Free Treatments


Scientific studies have shown that blindness and sight problems are linked with poverty. Pakistan is amongst the most impoverished countries in the world, with an extreme number of people hit by poverty. Over 1 million people are estimated to be blind in Pakistan. Thousands of children are refused education due to their sight. This seems to be an ever growing problem in Pakistan.


MWF organised its 12th Annual Free Eye Surgery in which 6 OPD Camps were set up in Narowal, Pakistan, to provide Free Eye Check’s to 5274 people. Of these, 270 were referred to Eye Surgeons who carried out further surgery. The camps held were monitored by Senior Medical Experts.


We aim to spread this specific project throughout Pakistan, both in rural and urban areas. Those individuals who receive further surgery have regular post-op check ups. Thousands of Pakistani’s have benefited from this unique project which returns the gift of sight and a key to an education and a better future.

Donate £100 towards an eye operation.