Other Methods

Donate by telephone

To make a donation over the telephone, using a credit or debit card, please contact the MWF Canada team on the following number:

CA: 1-888-9-MINHAJ | (1-888-964-6425)

Donate by Cheque

Please make your cheque payable to “Minhaj Welfare Foundation Canada” remember to write your name and address on the back side of your cheque. Post your cheque to

Minhaj Welfare Foundation Canada
2505 Dixie Road, 
Ontario, L4Y 2A1

Donate via Bank Deposit/Bank Transfer

Your bank or building society will be able to arrange a payment to us on your behalf – you can choose to pay using cash or funds from your bank account.
Our Bank Details
For CD (DOLLAR – $)
Bank Name: RBC Royal Bank
Branch: Hwy 2 & Harwood 
Transit #: 00042
Account No.: 102 872 9
IBAN No.: 003102872900042