Education for All

Umar could not go to school after the loss of both his parents. Through our Education for All programme, he now has the opportunity to go to school and look forward to a brighter future.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) strongly believes that education is the most crucial foundation stone of any society; without which the development and progress of any nation is not achievable.

With your help, children forgotten by their parents and community will find a new family and home at Minhaj Welfare. When an orphan and needy child is unable to attend school, we help with all the educational support that a child needs where possble we will sponsor the child; alongside education we will provide food, clothes, medical care, and the emotional support that is required.

At MWF, we empower our donors to ensure that orphan and needy children have access to quality education.

MWF prioritises educational development, as we strongly believe that the key solution to ending the cycle of poverty is education.Through our educational network of over 640 institutions we are supporting over 150,000 children.  Over the past 30 years, we have helped millions of children better their own lives and the lives of their families.

We have been working to modernise and improve our existing schools, to ensure that children have access to similar facilities that we expect our own children to have, living in the West. MWF strongly adheres to the philosophy that education should be supplemented with moral and ethical training, so that students make a positive contribution to the development of their communities.

MWF is sponsoring thousands of orphan and needy children from poor backgrounds:

Primary Student Sponsorship


Provide an opportunity for children to gain quality education in Primary and Secondary schools across Asia and Africa.

Hifz Student Sponsorship


Provide an opportunity for children to memorise the Holy Quran as part of our 4 year Hifz program.

Orphan & Needy Sponsorship


Providing Orphan and Needy children with full care at the Aghosh Orphan Care Home.

Rebuilding & Development


Towards re-building and developing existing Minhaj schools to improve quality education..

WHEN YOU MAKE A DONATION you will receive details about the sponsored child or student as well a photograph and an annual report of his or her progress.