Giving Charity Saving Lives

As we welcome the month of Ramadhan we look forward to another month full of mercy and blessings. Collective giving of charity through Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) has produced far reaching results across the world towards saving lives and helping the less fortunate.

In 2016/17 your trust in Minhaj Welfare Foundation and generous support towards Education for All projects has delivered quality education and sustainable living to thousands of orphans and needy children.

Support towards Water for All projects allowed the installation of more than 3000 clean water facilities ensuring clean and safe water for more than 400,000 families. Emergency Relief Food, Water, Shelter & Winter packages were provided to beneficiaries in hard reaching areas of conflict and crisis.

MWF field representatives are on the ground assessing the most volatile regions of the world. Specialised with local knowledge they aim to deliver the most cost effective aid and maximum coverage of relief for beneficiaries in the form of winterization kits, medical aid, shelter solutions, water and food parcels. May it be war-torn areas like Syria and famine stricken regions like East Africa, your charity reaches to the most needy of humanity in the most effective way.

2017/18 urges your support more than ever before as today humanity faces multitude of unprecedented crisis. These crisis are resulting in a far higher demand for welfare than ever experienced before. Ongoing humanitarian crisis are of particular focus and we must act now to provide them immediate relief, before it is too late.

Emergency Relief is a vital aid part of our 2017/18 activities, with your continued trust and support, your charity will have an even further reach to more beneficiaries.

Education for All, Water for All, Sponsor and Orphan, Emergency Crisis Relief, Construct an Orphanage or Adopt a village. Support a cause close to your heart!

Itikaaf Sponsorship


Support thousands of people sitting in one of the worlds largest Itikaf gatherings (in Lahore, Pakistan), and provide Sahoor & Iftar for the last ten days of Ramadan

Ramadan Food Pack


Provide a family of five food and clean water for the entire month of Ramadan (Sahoor and Iftar)



Fidya has to be paid by individuals who cannot fulfill the obligation of fasting due to illness or old age (£4 per fast).