Water for All

Baghwani is 12 years of age, every morning she is forced to walk miles to find clean and safe water just so that her family can stay alive.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation is fighting to end the water crisis ensuring everyone has access to clean drinking water.

Water Crisis Solution

If an area is subject to severe water shortages we build water facilities which help communities to have access to safe and clean water.

When Minhaj Welfare Foundation builds a clean water solution for the poor and needy in margianlised communities, we work with the local communiy and elders to ensure that the people have a much better sustainable future. Our focus is to ensure that children do not walk miles in search of clean water, and instead spend their time in school.

WE’RE BUILDING HAND PUMPS AND DIGGING WELLS in the poorest regions of the world and with the support of people like you, we have built more than 3000 water projects benefitting more than 400,000 families but we know more needs to be done to end the water crisis.

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Hand Pump


It will help 15 households with access clean drinking water.

Hand Pump


It will help provide 400 people with long term access to clean water

Water Well


It will help provide 900 people with clean water.

Solar Water Well


Has the capacity of extracting 19,000 litres of clean and safe water per day from a depth of 300 feet and support an entire community.