Our Aims and Objectives

Minhaj Welfare Foundation Canada is a Worldwide Humanitarian Development organisation helping to support the poor and needy in marginalised communities working for their basic Human Rights, providing children the access to Education, providing the poor access to Basic Health Care and the means for Social, Economic & Welfare Support for the deprived within the developing world.

It aims to work in removing short term difficulties and is committed to work to its long term and sustainable goals Asia & Africa.

The core objectives of Minhaj Welfare Foundation Canada can be summarised into the following:

  1. The relief of poverty, sickness, distress and suffering of any persons who are in need irrespective of their nationality, race, ethnic origin and religious beliefs.
  2. The advancement of other charitable purposes for the benefit of the public to provide recreational facilities and activities in the interests of social welfare with the objective of providing the conditions of life for those persons in need of such facilities.
  3. The advancement of education for the public benefit

Improving Education in marginalised communities, focusing on the following areas:

 Equal opportunities for all (irrespective of gender) have access to education

 Enhancing quality in primary and secondary education.

 Development of our current Education setup.